The story of a dream,
from the beginnings to Risit d'Aur.

Paolino had a dream. He nurtured it for seventy-seven years. As also dreams pass down to sons, Gabriele was able to realize his father’s in 1991. At the “Colli di Poianis”, now, even the last blade of grass has regained its ancient name. The ideally situated vineyards facing south-east and tended with passion and great commitment,

gained us the prestigious “Risit d’Aur” award for having implemented the first new plantation of Schioppettino vines pursued to enhance the value of the autochthonous grapes varieties. We have in this way praised the wisdom and farsightedness of Paolino.

Our wine list

Along with restoring the indigenous grape varieties, we take care to safeguard and protect the land maintaining its original and historical configuration: the living coexistence of olive and fruit trees, paths and vines that have created micro-ecosystems over time, generating and preserving biodiversity. The very soul of these plots springs from their wines. Land and memory, we treasure and preserve them both!

The Guest farm accomodation

The old restructured building enjoys a splendid view over the valley and the vineyards on the hillsides. Silence and serenity reign supreme.
Not event the buzzards can disturb the peace, if anything their slow and majestic flight amplifies it. These birds of prey have long been present and beloved around these parts. Below, where the hill melts into the plain the river slowly flows, making the microclimate, already ideal for the vines and pleasant for man, even more remarkable.
The cellar is a few steps away, as are all the paths branching out among the vineyards and meandering through the surrounding woods. begging to be followed all year round. Try and almost get lost in them to find instead that you have rediscovered yourself.

The Tasting Room

The Tasting Room is the perfect place to get to know our wines, as well as us, if you want to! Its silences and the strong presence of the nature surrounding this warm, welcoming space make it the ideal setting for you to experience our red meditation wines or find out how much of the fragrances entering the room through a small window can be sensed in the notes of our white wines. Book a tasting with a simple phone call!

Come and visit us,
with your head in the clouds

There are a thousand paths to wander on foot or by bike, running through the silent vineyards carved into the slopes of DOC Friuli Colli Orientali. Meadows and shady woods that smell of wild herbs, where you can relax in the shadows of the buzzards.

Schioppettino: our red wine,
now an icon of the area

A red grape encapsulating the very essence of the area: we were the first to believe in this variety and today we rightly regard it as our banner.

The cellar and the barrel room

The cellar is only a few steps from the accommodations: this is where the grapes are collected in the days of harvest and it is here that the wines rest afterwards, until the process of wine aging is completed to perfection.

Our rooms: surrounded by vineyards,
they are named after wild herbs. Discover them!

The Lavanda Room, the Pungitopo Apartment, the Ginepro Apartment, the Rosmarino Apartment. Varying in colour and decorated each in a different style, they share a common trait of pleasant comfort. The quiet and comfortable apartments feature a lounge-kitchenette, perfect for enjoying a relaxing weekend or holiday in complete freedom.