The Estate

We were extremely lucky: to be born here on the "Colli di Poianis" among densely wooded hills and vineyards rich in wild herbs and scents: It is here where we begin our dayt, where our wines originate and our history all began. And here where, if you wish, you can relax and enjoy the sunset. The myriad footpaths crisscrossing the fields adjoining the DOC Collio and Colli Orientali areas, and stretching up to the nearby Slovenia await you.

Whether on a bike you picked up from our barn or on foot, at each junction you are given the option to either reach the vineyards or head along another path. The Bosco Romagno woods cover the peak of the hill and if you take a closer look you can discover ancient oaks and century-old chestnut trees. Overhead, among the clouds, you can catch the watchful gaze of the buzzards, those gentle hawks that build their nests here, giving the place its name.