Colli di Poianis


That of Colli di Poianis, the wine-producing company in Friuli, is a family story, written in a local alphabet made up of bunches of grapes, grassy slopes and gestures that stand the test of time, passed on from one generation to the next. The first vineyards cultivated by grandfather Domenico Marinig in the nineteenth century resisted through the Great War and took on new vigour in the hands of young Paolino, who inaugurated the old winery in the 1920s. In 1990, his son Gabriele took up and gave a new impetus to the project looked after for 77 years by his father, by renovating the production facility and refining the art of hospitality.

Cantina Friuli | Colli di Poianis
Cantina Friuli | Colli di Poianis


Much more than just a winery in Friuli Venezia Giulia: Colli di Poianis presents itself today as an extended family, resulting from the encounter and the shared principles and visions of the historic Marinig family with the Cescutti family. Completing the picture is a team of young workers who feel a great sense of belonging to the company.


Cantina Friuli | Colli di Poianis


Our winery in Friuli is a place of rediscovery and preservation of the most traditional winemaking practices, handed down from father Paolino to Gabriele: enormous respect for wine, the slow passing of time and of the seasons, and ways of approaching different weather conditions and the phases of the moon.

The choices we adopt every day in the vineyard and the winery are, therefore, a natural application of our philosophy: pruning governed by the lunar calendar, leaving the grass between the vine rows unmown, frequent earthing up and tillage.

But our winery in Friuli is also a place where state-of-the-art technology is used, discreetly, alongside tradition, renewing it without ever undermining the convictions and values transmitted from father to son.

Cantina Friuli | Colli di Poianis


Our barrel cellar is magical: the place to which we entrust the sleep of our young wines for a voyage in time which, when they wake up, will reveal them to be mature and vigorous. Thanks to decades of research into wooden barrels, we have gained a great awareness regarding their potential and use. From acacia wood to French oak, our wines evolve in barriques and tonneaux, chosen because they are capable of enhancing their identity and characteristics, until they reach a point of perfect balance.

Maturation thus becomes an expression of the terroir and of the grape variety: this evolves until it becomes that unmistakable sensory trait that has always marked the style of the wines created here, at Colli di Poianis, wine producer in Friuli.